Giano Leads the Way for Technology for RUSD!!!!

Supercomputers Come to Giano
by Highlander 1/17/08

It's a Mac. It's a PC. It's Supercomputer!

Seventh graders at Giano Intermediate School work on 36 brand new computers in the school's new computer lab that opened on Jan. 8.

It's a Mac. It's a PC. It's Supercomputer!

That's what the students and staff at Giano Intermediate School in West Covina found out at the opening of their new computer lab on Jan. 8.

The 36 sparkling new computers can run both Windows and Mac operating systems, allowing the sleek white machines to use all the programming now available.

But perhaps even more revolutionary than the dual systems is the educational software loaded on the wide-screen computers.

As guests watched, a group of seventh-graders put the new thinking machines through their paces. In this case, the machines were the ones actually making the students think.