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School Profile

We are proud that:
  • Giano was recognized in 2007 as a California Distinguished School!
  • On the state Academic Performance Index (API), Giano has been ranked a "10" (the highest ranking possible) for the past 7 years compared with other schools with similar characteristics.
  • The Giano Counseling Program has received the highest award "Best in the West" for outstanding guidance services for students. The award signifies that Giano's counseling program exceeds national counseling standards for three consecutive years.
  • A state-of-the-art technology lab with 40 computers, leading-edge computer workstations in every classroom and full Internet connectivity for all staff and students provide students with increased educational opportunities.
  • Eighty-one 8th grade students were honored with national Presidential Education Awards. These students maintained a grade point average of 3.0-4.0 for two years and achieved high scores on the California State Standardized Testing Program.
  • Our marching band and drill team received several first and second place awards in numerous competitions throughout Southern California.
  • Numerous Giano students received recognition for their strong achievement on a variety of academic competitions, such as, the Academic Pentathlon.
Special Programs and Features at Giano Intermediate
Giano offers a State-certificated Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) program, which provides academic support services to college-bound students. Due to the size, scope and quality of Giano's program, the school is a National AVID Demonstration site. Approximately only 100 schools in the nation are Demonstration Sites and Rowland Unified has three in its District.
Giano has implemented a unique after-school education and recreation program (Teens R Us) in partnership with OPTIONS, a human services agency. The program is funded by an After-School Learning and Safe Neighborhood's Partnership grant from the California Department of Education. Teens R Us runs daily from 2:30-6:00 p.m. and is free for Giano students.
A Parent Center that offers 12-week parenting classes (provided by the Parent Institute of Quality Education) "graduates" an average of 100 parents annually. The program provides specific strategies for parents to better support their child's success in school. For more information, call 626-935-8421.
Giano continues to offer school-wide programs for increased student achievement. The Giano Accelerated Program (G.A.P.), which is offered on Saturdays, provides students and parents with additional educational support and opportunities.
Giano completed a very successful Coordinated Compliance review (C.C.R). from the California Department of Education. Giano received Commendations from the C.C.R. review team for our multiple academic safety net strategies and academic interventions to support increased student success. The C.C.R. team commended our extended day program, Saturday classes, extended summer school program, extended library hours, tutoring, homework hotline, and math and reading classes. The C.C.R. report stated: "The staff, students and community of Giano Intermediate School are commended for creating a positive school climate for all students in order to enhance their academic achievement and to ensure their emotional and physical health. The respectful, caring attitude and activities demonstrated on campus empower students and staff to unite around the district's mission β€˜To inspire and educate individuals to realize their dreams and fulfill their responsibilities to society.’"