Parents Honored at PIQE Graduation Ceremony

    Family, friends, instructors and distinguished guests filled Giano's multipurpose room to watch the graduation ceremony for 61 members of the Parents Institute for Quality Education (PIQE).

    The ceremony included parent recognition, guest speakers, and great food.

    For me it’s very rewarding to see 61 of our Giano parents who were willing to come out once a week, for nine weeks, and invest in the child’s’ future.  It is a testimony of our parent's commitment to form a partnership with Giano to improve their child's academic success.

    The graduation featured guest speaker Rosemary Santos Aguilar Ed.D, Rowland Unified School District's Assistant Superintendent.

      “You've got to have a dream” Rosemary said. “When you loose those dreams you die.” 

      Title I funds were utilized to operate the PIQE program which successfully graduated over 60 parents for a second consecutive year.

    “We greatly value the home to school connection and look forward to continually increasing parent involvement here at Giano Intermediate” Mrs. Benavides, Giano's Principal said.

     PIQE Associate Director Martha Adams explained that next year will include a Part II to the intermediate School curriculum.  "This will motivate parents to further their knowledge and continue being a part of PIQE, to continue being a part of their child's education."

    Giano Intermediate couldn’t do its job without parents as part of the process.  We honor and congratulate these parents not only for completing the PIQE program, but for taking this huge step towards preparing their children for a better future.

-Carlos Ochoa, Giano Program Specialist