The Youth Science Center and Time Warner Cable Present: Giano Intermediate Robotics Team For Grades 7 and 8

The foundation of the Robotics Program is TEAMWORK. By working in collaborative groups, team members problem-solve with one another to overcome the challenges presented by the rigors of this program.
Students must first build the Lego NXT Mindstorm robots, which is not an easy task. After successfully building the robots, students must then, through the process of trial and error, program the robots via computer to run through an obstacle course map unscathed. During this time, the robots must accomplish a variety of tasks such as picking up objects and dropping them in specific areas of the map, avoid knocking down parts of the map, or becoming entrapped within the confines of the map.
The goal of the Robotics Program is to encourage students to use higher-level thinking skills, and to promote the values of teamwork.
Giano Intermediate is one of the few schools in the state which offers such a unique opportunity for students to come together and experience new and exciting challenges.

Giano Robotics Team 2010-2011

Alonso Cota
Alec Gonzales
Hugo Gonzales
Marycruz Lopez
Andrew Martinez
Joshua Martinez