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School Policies » Cell Phone / Device Policy

Cell Phone / Device Policy

Cellular Phones and Other Devices

All students are to follow RUSD Acceptable Use Contract agreement.  Including cell phones being turned off from the time they arrive at school in the morning through school hours (including nutrition and lunch) unless otherwise instructed by a school official.  Phones may be turned on again once students have left school premises.

Students assume responsibility for loss, theft, or damage to any school or personal property issued or belonging to them.  The school, in every way possible endeavors to protect all student property and issued equipment, but is not responsible for them.  Students should not bring items such as radios, IPods, cameras, or any other electronic equipment. Neither the school nor its employees are responsible for lost or stolen electronic devices including cellular phones.  Students and families assume the risks for such devices brought to school.


All electronic equipment used inappropriately will be confiscated.

  1. First Time:                Warning (Returned after school)
  2. Second Time:            1 Lunch Detention (Returned after school)
  3. Third and              

Subsequent Times:    2 Lunch Detentions and 1 Demerit (Returned to parent or guardian)

Cell phones may be picked up in the Student Service Center (SSC) after 3:30 PM.